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Overheating RP
This occurred many years ago in my Ruby, and it was traced to a seriouslly furred up cylinder head, cauased probably by a long and exciting life in a hard water area! The solution was to remove the head and drill out the holes in the cooling passages which were a fraction of the diameter they should have been.

Take care not to remove any metal in the process.

On Jowett cars severe overheating has been experienced by cyl liners porus from new but which suddenly shows decades later. A corroded engine would be similar.
Rick, bottom hose kinked or collapsed internally? Is it an original rad core?
Thanks again,

Ruairidh - head is currently off and I am a bit under the weather with man-flu ( a slight cold!), but will reassemble the engine and check as you suggest.

Hedd - I have a large, redundant beer fermenter and will try your suggestion after Ruairidh's.

Dave - I think its an original rad and the hoses are OK.

In deepest Norfolk
Cold mended and back at work!

Ran the car today without fan and checked the radiator. One-third to a half of it cold after five minutes. Got some rad flush and ran for further ten minutes as directed. Things seem to be improving, so have left it soaking overnight.

In deepest Norfolk
Oxalic acid. Bought in powder form off ebay cleans out blocks and heads superbly (mixed at 2 or 3 times the dose on the box). Not so good on rads. Put a cork in the side water manifold and fill her up to thw top of the top water manifold to fester a week or so. Then flush her out. The fluid will come out green
Beware of Oxalic acid. It is extremely poisonous. Wear protective clothing when handling it.
It occurs naturally in rhubarb leaves but not the stalks.
I wasnt advocating anyone bathed in it or drank the stuff.

But I can confirm it is excellent, if a trifle agressive at removing limescale from the bath
(11-10-2018, 11:28 PM)Hedd_Jones Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]      did a couple of blocks with it, stripped them down inc removing coreplugs, degreased and left them soaking for a week, no rust or corrosion in sight.
Disappointing progress - or lack of it! Another run up after an overnight soak and there is virtually no improvement.

Does anyone have any idea how a water jet might be introduced to blow the crud out - short of removing the top or bottom tank?

In deepest Norfolk

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