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Steering Side Tube
(19-06-2018, 10:03 PM)Dave Mann Wrote: Heres a pic of the original method of adjusting the steering tube ball float.

All made clear!
having taken the front suspension & steering links apart & cleaned/renewed etc as necessary I now have to reassemble it all!
Of course I did not take pictures before I took it apart (we NEVER learn....) so I have a few queries!
I cannot find a simple diagram of the layout & my first question is does the side tube (where the drag link ball pin taper goes into the drop arm) go on the outside or inside...Initial push in is ambivalent!. The other end fits on top of the arm I do recall!
I have further confusion because the car had everything pretty loosely put together! No split pins, loose nuts & bits missing!
Is there a simple schematic drawing of the standard steering/suspension layout? The web is full of exotic IFS etc systems!
When you reassemble the side tube a sash cramp is very useful.
Thanks for fact the side tube was not too bad to do. I cleaned the hole in the drop link & it became clear that it fits in from the "inner" side.
The main confusion is that somehow the SPO managed to fit the front shock absorber without one Link! I think it was a big messy rubber bush lash up!
Fitting the shock absorber with a link missing, attaching directly to the axle, is a common way of obtaining some lateral location for said axle.

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