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Gearbox removal

I am very new to Austin sevens and have the task of looking after one for someone, which I have to say is a great car and am going to have to buy one some day!

I hope someone can help, I'm sure that this gearbox is not going to come out with the engine in situ, the floor plates are riveted in. Does the engine and gearbox have to be removed together?

Many thanks.

I usually remove the engine and then the gearbox in cars like this as together is more often than not impossible without cutting parts from the floor and bulkhead.

Refitting is sometimes tricky as the master spline on the clutch drive plate and clutch toggles need to be aligned appropriately with the gearbox and the clutch thrust cage. There are some good tips to help with this - come back if you are unfamiliar with the process or cannot locate info already on the Forum.

Yep, Radiator out, unscrew the clutch pedal pad ( the disc under the round pedal rubber), strip down usual bits, engine and gear box out in 1 piece. You can take the engine, and then the gear box, but as Ruairidh says, more difficult to marry them up as separate units. If you are doing clutch work, make yourself an alignment tool BEFORE you strip the clutch. At its basic form, a strip of ply about 2"wide with a hole the size of the clutch plate splined shaft in the centre and locating on a couple of the gearbox studs. The car Looks like about 1932 ish ?
You have not mentioned what model it is. I have a 1935 Mk1Ruby and it is relatively easy to remove and refit the gearbox through the passenger door without the bother of removing the cowle/radiator etc as the floor panels remove easily.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

Alex, I'm pretty sure Ruairidh and Bob are right, it means engine out. John has I think correctly identified that some 4-speed boxes will come out from inside the car, but this only applies to cars which originally had 4-speed boxes, I think. Perhaps someone will correct me.

Might I ask why you want to remove the gearbox? It's not normally a part which requires a lot of attention. Just asking in case we can possibly save you going to all that effort...
Thank you everyone for your help.
I have oil leaking from the output shaft of the gearbox. My immediate thought was to take out the gearbox from inside at have a good look over it, but now I'm wondering if I could remove the prop shaft and take the end plate off to investigate. Is this feasible.
Are you sure the old level is correct? Overfilling the box can cause issues like this, sevens have very rudimentary oil seals and return scroll's.
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Yes, what Ian said. Plus a certain amount of oil leakage - you are new to A7's, right? - is a pretty normal thing for Austin Sevens, the leak would have to be troubling me quite a bit to make me take the engine out and rebuild (only to find that it will still leak somewhere, more than likely). Your time might be better spent acquiring a drip tray...

I'm not at all sure that I'd try to remove the end plate in situ. The 3-legged 'spider' on the output shaft of the 3-speed box doesn't come off, so to loosen or remove the end cover you have to pull / drive the shaft through the box. This could go bad. You might get it away enough to squirt something in the joint but if you want to make a proper job of it you are going to struggle.

p.s. This might be a good time to say the gearbox should be filled with engine oil - SAE 30 or 20/50 would be about right.
The end plate also holds the shims in place that set the travel of the selectors. They are a bit of a fiddle to fit even when it's on the bench face down. Moving the end plate would almost certainly disrupt them.
The chances are that the leak is the seal on the shaft. This is felt on early 3-speed boxes and a spiral groove on later ones. They usually leak a bit anyway.
I have seen that some gearboxes have a filler on the side where I read the level should be at the bottom of the threads, can someone confirm the level for the gearbox I'm working on where the filler is at the top. I have read it is two inches from the top.

Many thanks.

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