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sports slipper Pistons + cheaper spares
Hi all,

Carrying on from a thread I opened early in the year about quarry engineerings sports slipper Pistons.

I was wondering if it was worth stocking another batch.

Well we got brave, paid many ££££ and today I we got a long sort after pallet of boxes.



The other part of the discutiion, that was brought up was prices.

If the price had to go up? also if sales are no longer what they were, if prices should go up to cover how long stock is held.

Well as I'm now buying straight from the suppliers, I've cut out the middle man. And made a saving that can be passed on. Instead of the increasing to £225.00 a set. wich most felt would be acceptable.

With the savings made I can keep the price at the old price of £180.00 NO vat to be added.

On top of that anyone who want to bulk buy, engine builders, clubs, etc I can do a considerable discount for 5 sets or more at a time.

Now it's up to you buyers, the only way we keep prices low is by selling.


the other part to this thread, is are you happy with the increases from your suppliers over the last few years?

if you are interested in making spare parts prices cheaper, join in with this thread.

Prices can be lowered, but only buy you?

What is the size range that you have available please Tony?
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Hi Ian,

I have, 56.00mm

I've also over stocked on all the Piston rings for those people in the future who just want to replace rings.

You can also have either standard austin fitting gudgeon pins. Or floating gudgeon pins for pheonix rods etc.

Gudgeon pins are standard 1/2 inch.

Thanks Tony.
Excellent. Thank you Tony!

Sorry to ask a silly question... 

Are the sizes quoted the piston or bore size? If the former, how much clearance should one start with, and/or what would be acceptable for a re-honed bore over and above ideal. Trying to save a rebore for 'ron
Tony, this is great. I will be going with slipper pistons but have to decide whether to stay with my Austin rods(given that the gudgeon pin moved and scored a cylinder) or shelling out for Phoenix.

Erich in Seattle
Tony, thats great news, I have 2 blocks newly bored at 58mm.
See you on the 1st July at Beaulieu
Many Thanks Gene
Hi nick,

Not a silly question, as many suppliers don't know the correct fitting tolerance for what they are selling.

MY PISTONS, are limited expansion Pistons. So the size on the Pistons are what you bore the block too.

this means you have a smaller gap between piston and bore, less compression loss. 

Some engine builders then feel they don't need to use oil baffles with this type of piston. A saving of £20.00

Hi erich, I have both types of gudgeon pin, so you can go either way.

And gene, I'll put extra in for you. i doubled up on the order for 58mm as these are usually the most popular.

All this stock to replace the set of rings I bought from you last week?  Big Grin

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Nice one roly,

Always apreciated when someone makes me smile Smile

It also makes me smile  Smile When someone apreciates what I do.

Hi Tony

Many will likely be interested in the rings alone. What sort of oil ring?
Racers omit the oil baffles to reduce the power loss pumping air past the obstruction, but is reasonable road oil mileage then obtained?

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