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What have you been up to today
Apologies, I misunderstood - I thought you had said you'd suffered stud failure.
R - I now suspect a minor hydraulic lock causing the chaos.
Hence the holy trinity of bent rods, broken fasteners and a seriously cracked block.

So you're quite correct, I did break a stud but I think as a by product, not the root cause.

Been working on renovating a significant birthday present,purchased from last years spring Beaulieu. It's an old petrol pump,the intention was place it outside of the garage when finished.
Today realised it will be too nice to leave outside when finished,Doh!
Today I discovered that a LHD Beetle fuel tank doesn't fit a RHD Beetle... and it's apparently the only one you can buy new... oh and none of the pipework fits... and you can't trust the wiring diagram ... 7 hours later... 

...but it's still more fun than painting the bathroom!

Big Grin
A month ago I announced that when the local car club visited my Shed (today) I would be starting my A7 Special project for the first time, this has concentrated my mind somewhat over the last few weeks.  The result was a successful start although I must admit that it accidentally started the day before.  Here is a picture after they all left.

The other thing 40 odd visitors does is guilt you into cleaning up, it won't take long to regress.

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My short time in the garage today was taken up with re-spoking one of the wheels on the RP and then exchanging it for the spare wheel, which was running much truer.

I had been out in the car a few weeks ago for a meal with friends, and there were four of us in the old girl, slogging uphill to a little hamlet in the Cévennes called St-Paul la Coste. We got there and back no trouble but the following day I used the car to pop to the post office and I could hear a metallic tinkling noise coming from the back of the car. At first I thought it was the luggage rack squeaking but after I got home I discovered that there were three broken spokes on the rear offside wheel, all the short inner ones.

After waiting for a spares delivery I re-laced the wheel but struggled to get it to run completely true. I decided to swap wheels rather than risk breaking even more spokes trying to true it. This is the second time I've had trouble with this particular wheel so perhaps bolting it on the back carrier might be a good idea. Time to start saving beer tokens for a set of rims/spokes...
We have been putting the children to use...

Stacking the logs....


...that we chopped up.


Collecting rose hips, apples and elderberries...




And tomorrow I take delivery of this!

Today I've been teaching my daughter to drive the steamer. 

She has driven it a number of times in the past but with a lot of help. But she has now gained sufficient height and strength to drive it almost unaided.

She had a go driving my Austin earlier this year. She has yet to try hers!

[Image: 008_1618.jpg]
Plugged and remachined the magneto drive oil seal to replace the felt with a lip seal. The original felt housing was far from concentric. Clever Maho milling machine allows me to bolt the whole crankcase onto the front of the mill.

.jpg   IMG_0647.JPG (Size: 164.81 KB / Downloads: 209)

Thankfully I've NOT been stacking logs. I already have three years supply under cover, a total of 24 m3. That's a lot of wood.

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