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6V Dynamator - first hand experiences...
The original ones I have are cast iron and the new appears to be steel Hedd.

Following up on my own gears, this is them after 150 miles of use, with an original Austin gear fitted to the Dynamator.


I'm very close to ordering one of these for my 34 saloon as it gets used in all weather and the current electrics are less than reliable.
Am I right in thinking that there was/is a club discount for the units, or was that just for a limited time?
No Rupert, Club7 got me £50 off a dynamotor and Distributor yesterday.
Okay great thank you, leaves a bit more for the beer fund!
(22-05-2018, 02:48 PM)JonE Wrote: More seriously, the duff gears need to destroyed, or else they will reak havoc for centuries to come with new generations of Austin 7 secondhand parts buyers...

Very good point JonE , but lets do it ourselves and not hound the manufacturer else others will be discouraged from bringing new enhanced product to the market.
 If the steel gear is now deleted from the sold item, then a no return gear recall from the supplier  is all that is required. The forum has been vital in bringing this deficiency to light, ...   again!    regards  Russell
(22-05-2018, 02:48 PM)JonE Wrote: I'd like something out from Accuspark to all owners via their invoice emails telling us whether or not we have the problem gear or not, relating to purchase date.


I would urge you to follow my previous suggestion; remove the new gear from your unit/s and replace it/them with the best original you can find.

My job last week was irksome to say the least, you have been saved this task, others will soon find themselves undertaking similar to me.

My only drive in keeping this thread active is to help ensure that the smallest number of people possible are affected by the issue. Over the years I have encountered literally hundreds of newly remanufactured A7 parts that have not been quite correct, on introduction to the market; on each occasion I have alerted the supplier and allowed them time to rectify. I like to think this approach benefits us all, as Russell alludes to above.

Roly has published his experiences in a recent Hereford A7 club Magazine and, already, it has had a positive impact for one reader in preventing damage such as he and I suffered.

I intend to undertake a long tour later this year with the car (with the Dynamator unit fitted) and will continue to update this thread on my experiences, hopefully to the benefit of supplier and future users.

I removed the side plate on my engine today, its gone the same way as Ruairidh,s in only 425 miles.
Just changing the steel drive pinion on my 6 Volt Dynamator for the original from my dynamo and another dreadful bodge has come to light. Whoever attempted to drill the split pin hole through the threaded end of the Dynamator shaft made a complete mess of it gave up half way through after breaking out through the end of the shaft and just fitted the nut with a spring washer! I am not pleased to see this sort of quality on an expensive item.
My Dynamator does not have a hole for a split pin, I have used the spring washer along with Loctite to secure.

My new one arrived today less gear wheel, it has a split pin hole with nut and spring washer, I notice that the wiring connection points are now on top of the unit whereas the unit that has buggered up my timing gears has the connection points further forward. I put some grease in the drive for the distributor gear and as I pushed the distributor in the blanking plate on the end fell out on the floor.
I also note they are now supplying Vince Leeks instructions from the Doa7c site, I hope Accuspark asked Vince,s permission.

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