As 2005 unfolds, I note that after 12 years the following world records remain in tack.  In May 1993 a party of Austin Seven enthusiasts ventured to Jersey, and at the famous Bouley Bay Hill Club Course set the following World Records…




Steve Hodgson -        Claims the world record for ascent of the

                                    hill in standard engined Ulster with close

                                    ratio gear box – Windscreen Flat – No Goggles            82 Seconds


Ken Berry -                Claims World record for Mk 1 Ruby –

                                    with riding mechanic and open sunroof              142 seconds


Les Harvey -              Claims World record for Austin 16 with

                                    riding mechanic (taking French Polishing

                                    lessons)                                                                        123 seconds


John Farnham -          Claims World record for Austin 10 with

                                    “Dicky” seat closed with Lady Beryl

                                    (sober this time) from the Dog House Club                    120 seconds


Clive Roberts -          Claims World record in 1927 Chummy

                                    with riding mechanic & screen closed –

                                    fully observed from a standing start

                                    (excused wind)                                                 120 seconds


Mac Bonar                 Claims World record for a solo attempt

                                    (a bit hungry) screen open with goggles

                                    but with an unassisted start and a flying

                                    ( ?? )  finish                                                                   103 seconds




Officials                      Timing             :           Sir Nigel Grunge

                                    Photographer              :           Sue Bailey

                                    Security                      :           Group 4

                                    Facilities & Oily rag  :           Fred Smudge