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Period photos
I thought it might be a nice idea to start a thread on period photos; I have quite a few, many of which have probably never been seen by others, but I don't want this to be my thread - please feel free to add your own pics!

I'll start off with a couple of shots of a 1926 R-Type saloon ON 9354, probably taken when almost new:

.jpg   1926 Austin 7 01.jpg (Size: 140.76 KB / Downloads: 1,665)

.jpg   1926 Austin 7 ON 9354.jpg (Size: 188.98 KB / Downloads: 1,657)

heres one from NZ
Black Art Enthusiast 
An early Top Hat with 6" brakes.

Ten years late, my mother was teaching her younger sister to drive in her father's brand new Ruby:

.jpg   001.jpg (Size: 55.45 KB / Downloads: 1,589)

.jpg   002.jpg (Size: 57.89 KB / Downloads: 1,581)

.jpg   003.jpg (Size: 57.39 KB / Downloads: 1,589)

Oh dear! A runaway horse and cart hit them at a cross-roads in the middle of Norwich, and the car was tipped onto its roof; AAH 211 was no more  Sad
Mike and Ian - your photos are exquisite, thanks for sharing.

I do hope your mother and aunt were okay in the latter pic Mike!
Mike has also sent me these for the GE Archive: https://gordonenglandregister.wordpress....-photos-2/
The girls were fine; Grandad was not amused!

.png   Roy and Norm.png (Size: 580.68 KB / Downloads: 1,586)

This is a photo of my fathers car, Roy he is on the left, with his best friend Norm. It is a 1928 Chummy, body manufactured by Melbourne Motor Body Works. The picture was taken sometime in the 40's. I still have the car, photo with my wife Maria.

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When I first saw the 1940's photo I thought the guy on the right was the actor Eddie Marsan! I like your number plate!
This is my dad Albert in about 1932 with his first car.

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