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Period photos
I know it's not an Austin but, by chance a pal dropped in today while I was out and left me this period photo in a frame. I gather that the chap with the armband is Mr Morgan himself?

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(17-08-2017, 12:31 PM)Colin Cheesman Wrote:  I still have the car, photo with my wife Maria.

That's a really nice picture Colin. It's good to see folk dressed properly Wink
My Father. Mother and Uncle with my Grandfather's Ruby. Probably just post war, but could be earlier. My Grandfather was a 19thC motorist.
This is my dad Albert's second (and last) car taken in 1978 while checking his dipstick. 5 years later he had passed it into my care. Still use it regularly. Albert didn't like to waste money changing cars to keep up with fashion.
Great photos and great stories!

Alan - one BIG headlamp!
This was taken in 1971,Whitsuntide when the Bristol A7 club were touring the Peak District. It was taken at the summit of Wolfscote Hill near Dovedale.
I think you can see the Dunford Top Hat on the right, my chummy far left. Also right to left at the front are Stephen Costigan, Mick Hobday and Ian Dunford.
Arthur Mallock at Goodwood - I think the 1953 Members' Meeting:

.jpg   1953 Goodwood Members Arthur Mallock.jpg (Size: 87.83 KB / Downloads: 586)

Sorry- not an Austin 7 - my grandfather Fred Press outside Fore Street Chard in a De Dion ? about 1911.

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Sorry, again not an Austin 7 but my Bebe Peugeot in 1916.  The child in the front next to the Lady driving was the father of the guy I bought the car from.

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From the internet..

Miss J Alwynne and her 7 "Blotto" ?... Brooklands 1931... quite a girl  Big Grin

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