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A SPECIAL (S) thought!
(19-03-2018, 06:56 PM)andrew34ruby Wrote:
(18-03-2018, 10:49 AM)Zetomagneto Wrote:
(17-03-2018, 09:16 PM)andrew34ruby Wrote: IMHO we don't need segregation, but we do need better Subject titles.

Things like 'Today at Curborough' are not helpful. And neither is 'Austin parts'. Then we get 'He's back again'.

Far better are 'Nippy Steering box ratio'.  And 'Radiator repairers'.

Definately don’t want segregation.

I find these headings perfectly acceptable, Because I read post fairly frequently I know what they relate to without opening them.

Maybe you didn’t know there an Austin Seven track day at Curborough yesterday, or a scammer who keeps trying to sell A7s on ebay, are you not interested in Austin Parts

Correct, I had not heard of Curborough --- and would have welcomed the subject saying "Event today at Curborough".

Yes I was aware of the scammer who keeps trying to sell A7s on ebay, but 'He's back again' did not mean anything at all to me. Selling on ebay never occurred to me.

And yes I am interested to some extent in Austin parts, but it depends what parts. A couple of extra words might save dozens of people having to open the thread to then find nothing of interest.
Segregation...sounds like Rosa Parks!


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