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Rear axle noise
(08-07-2024, 01:22 PM)AustinWood Wrote: The Jack French article in the 750 Companion is very informative and essential reading for adjusting the CWP.

...with the caveat that new parts don't behave the same way as original parts when it comes to blueing.
Did a quick measurement and runout is between 3 to 5 thou. My dial guage reads in Millimeters but found a useful conversion
app online.
Will (obvoiusly) do more checks once I have the crown wheel in position  (maybe 2 weeks away if lucky).
Suspicion only but wonder if someone stuck a screwdriver into the crown wheel to help with tightening the nut on the
end of the torque tube. Suspicious but knowing the many 'bodges' found so far I would not be suprised.

Diff casing now painted and looks much better. Have fitted the new diff seals as welll. Getting the 'C' ring back in was a fight but
got there in the end.
Tomorrow more checks on and around the diff-spring fixings and maybe climb under the car and check the propshaft and couplings
up to the gearbox.

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