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anyone know any of these 1930 Chummies?
I know I go on and on about this, but once again, this shows the vital importance of historic vehicles retaining their original registration numbers!

I’ll get off my soap box…
(30-05-2024, 01:24 PM)Nick Lettington Wrote: Did you try a google image search using the number plates? you'll find a few that way and be able to confirm the body type. it may also give some clues as to who has them... I did the first four to get you started and two showed up...

excellent - those can be sent to registrar too. And they may jog some minds. No body numbers yet, but I'm sure they will appear in time. Its remarkable that one can see a body number of 62000 and realise that's a continuous tourer production from 1922 to late 1930! Must compare it to the survivors, but there are so many different body types recorded (without resorting to Specials obviously) that it takes a bit of searching.
I wholeheartedly agree with Ivor. Threads like this one would be completely futile if the government acted on their possible plans to re-register all classics with a new series of numbers. I fail to see any benefit for owners, enthusiasts or the DVLA (who already seem over-worked). Apologies for the taking the discussion further off topic Jon!
what is the putative plan for re-numbering classics anyway? That is bound to start a rash of people selling off plates now, or to transfer them onto moderns, if they are all about to become ceremonial anyway...
we've got a few more numbers in, which show that the AE Tourer numbered about 1800 minimum just with the MID-upper date range of cars where transmission tunnel numbers have actually been found. Source book has "around 500".
The only other possibility is whether anyone has found a 5xxxx or 6xxxx transmission tunnel stamp on another form of floorpan in 29/30?
Would be good to find a few more AD model stamps too - very few recorded.
I’m the bloke in Yorkshire and DR7354 belongs to me and is in regular use. Not a louvered bonnet. 
Frequently entered in VSCC Trials and for conveyance to the pub.
excellent thanks - another one corrected!

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