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Ulster radiator support panels
Hi all

I'm trial fitting my lower radiator support panels to the cow horns bolted to the chassis of my Rod Yates body and need a little assistance please.

Presumably on original Ulsters these lower side panels were fitted to the cow horns at specific bolt centres and it would be nice to keep to the same bolt centres if possible, so if anyone has these measurements I'd be much obliged.

Second question, how close to the scuttle should these and the louvred panels above be fitted? If using a rubber bonnet beading section, a suitable gap should be left? Any specific rubber bonnet beading...I have a Baines (Tunbridge Wells) rubber extrusion catalogue, so if one is specified or used by other builders perhaps you'll kindly let me know.

The Rod Yates panels are all over size, so reference points are a little dubious, however, my understanding is that the radiator surround should butt up against the front edge of the cow horns and the side panels trimmed accordingly.

I've attached some photos.

.jpg   USP 1.jpg (Size: 199.17 KB / Downloads: 220)

I've placed a grp rad surround for the purpose of the photo, and the bottom of it is shown level with the top of the cow horn, is this correct?

.jpg   USP 2.jpg (Size: 253.18 KB / Downloads: 219)


Arthur, I can't vouch for what is correct, but what I would strongly advise is to check what clearance will exist between radiator and fan before cutting any metal. If they are all pukka Ulster bits then original dims should be fine of course...
On my car I'm pretty sure there's a fair gap between cow horns and rad surround.

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