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Austin 7 Top Hat Saloon
my name is Robert Regan I am a long term Austin Seven owner having owned most types-- i.e Ruby Chummy Swallow Saloon Box Saloon etc and my 1934 Austin bodied two seater now with me for 47 year I am the lucky person to have acquired from David Preece his lovely Top Hat Saloon,the quality of the work carried out by him and his late Father is really excellent and I could not be more pleased.I will finish the restoration in a very short time and the car will be on the road by late Spring and it will stay with me until I pop off ! best Regards Rob and Jenny Regan.
How nice to read a positive outcome from an Ebay listing for a change! I'm sure I remember the Regans (from Wales?) being very active on the club/rally/autojumble scene for many years and the car couldn't have gone to a better home.
congratulations! perhaps you will be at Beaulieu with it if all goes according to plan?
And you win the cup for best top hat currently standing in my name, good luck   russell
Thanks to bystander for remembering us, a great deal of my time was used making living self employed and my Austin put on the back burner for nearly 30 years although always kept ready to use if not very often.When we first got the car it was used as every day transport for nearly 10 years both summer and winter " oh the glory of charity shop overcoats and hot water bottles " the  hot water bottle on many occasions used to defrost the windscreen. Anyway acquiring  this top hat really seems to have revived my enthusiasm for all things Austin seven but I am also aware  of the  history of this car and  will do my best to take care of it best regards Rob.

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