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The short chassis AG tourer I have acquired appears to be a bit of a "hot rod" (well warm, anyway!)
It has a 4 speed box with unknown rear axle, but probably original, & 17" wheels. The speedometer has been changed from the original (that I do not have) to a 2.5"(approx. dia.) Smiths MA 42873/1000. 5 to 77 mph unit that is a bit beaten up, but seems to work.
The dash has been modified to take this smaller diameter unit.
Does any one know if it is likely to be suitable?....and does it matter!
can you photo your rear axle? - that would be one essential ratio variable that will change according to the type, assuming its standard innards...

The Bill Williams book has a good table with wheel sizes and so on for working out mph/rev equivalents.

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