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Goodwood Revival 16-09-2022 18-09-2022
Starts: 16-09-2022
Ends: 18-09-2022

Goodwood Revival

[Image: Revival-A7.jpg]

100+ Austin 7s at Goodwood Revival
The event has already sold out and tickets are not avalible on the day and only 100 cars !! !!

It does not bother me one iota, as i had no interest in going - however i wonder if the Austin Seven world will now burn the commercial organisers of this event at the stake like they did the volunteer enthusiasts who worked hard for three years to make the event at Moreton in Marsh the success it was.
Saturday has sold out, tickets for Friday and Sunday are still available.

If you're interested in Austin Sevens and you've ever thought about going to the Goodwood Ŕevival then this would be a good year, but I wouldn't go just to see them.
When you have to pay to travel 500 Miles, it seems rather pointless not getting in on the Saturday - i feel the venue is totally wrong and that it should be more central in the country this will then allow for more people to attend and the crowds to be unmanageable, the toilets to be unsanitary and the queues for the beer tent unbearable.

Also, can i bring a dog ?
Yes, I get your point! Smile

I daresay the Goodwood organisers do get very similar comments.
I haven't got a dog,  can I bring my neighbours one?
Motor Sport and Dogs would go well together  Big Grin
(05-08-2022, 05:59 AM)Tony Press Wrote: Motor Sport and Dogs would go well together  Big Grin

 Indeed they do, i regularly see plenty of dogs trackside, it seems very short sighted that the organisers of this event are excluding them.

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