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Goodwood Festival of Speed 23-06-2022 26-06-2022
Starts: 23-06-2022
Ends: 26-06-2022

Goodwood Festival of Speed

The full cars and drivers list has been published for this year's Festival of Speed: FoS Entry List

Delighted to see the A7 being celebrated on the Cartier lawn this year.

[Image: Austin-7-Goodwood-FoS-2022.png]

I'll be there on Thursday. Is anyone else going?
A few pictures taken today at the Festival of Speed:

[Image: 20220623_102728.jpg]
[Image: 20220623_093905.jpg] [Image: 20220623_094025.jpg] [Image: 20220623_094035.jpg] [Image: 20220623_094248.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093446.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093518.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093527.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093537.jpg]
[Image: 20220623_093554.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093624.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093634.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093714.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093722.jpg] [Image: 20220623_093747.jpg]

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