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An "interesting" boat-tail two-seater....
It’s an interesting special...if I had a strange desire to buy it, I would pull it to bits and start again so I could at least make an effort to make it look right (says the bloke who built a lwb Chummy!)
Yes, Reckers, I think that's exactly what it is. I'm pretty sure both bulkhead and tail originated from a 1931 factory body, maybe the doors too, and they have somehow been modified and extended to fit a 1933 long-chassis donor.
I'd love to know what is under that rather crudely attached wooden dashboard. I am sure I can see the outer edge of a glovepocket. I wonder if, once upon a time, it was an AF or AG tourer that has had a boattail body re-purposed and fitted from the doors back?
The windscreen frame is boat-tail, which I suspect is too wide for a standard AF/AG scuttle/dashboard.

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