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Welcome to the Events Subforum & How to of Posting
Welcome to the events sub forum, a place to discuss upcoming and past events.

You can now post events, in either this forum, or the calendar. Either option will now give you the event post options for dates, and create a linked thread in BOTH the calendar, and this forum. We would recommend checking the calendar before posting an event, to make sure someone hasn't beaten you to in.

You can use the calendar to browse events by date. Clicking an event in the calendar brings you to the corresponding thread in this forum so that you can reply.

Below is a guide to help you in creating, and editing events.

You may choose to add the location of the event to your title for easy identification.
The forum will automatically add the date you have chosen for your event to the end of the event title in the forum, so no need to type it yourself.

The Date and the Title of the event will appear at the top of the event post, so keep the details to a description of the event.
A few things you may want to include in the Event Details...
-Event website (the chainlink to the right of the envelope at the top of the box)
-Can people bring/enter their car?
-Is everyone welcome or just a specific club?
-Is advance entry compulsory or can you just turn up?
-Entry details

-Single Day (One Off) Events.
Once you have got to the event creation window the standard checkbox for event date will be ticked for 'single day event'.
All you have to do is select the day, month and year, add a title and details, and post.

-Ranged Events
If you want to post an event that continues for 2 or more days, this is easily done.

In the event creation window there is a checkbox 'Ranged or recurring event'. Once checked you will get a new range of boxes.
You can now select the start and finish date, I would strongly recommend ignoring the start and finish time boxes, as it is clearer to add these to the post. This is especially so when the event is only on certain hours each day. Leaving them blank also means that the time zone box can be ignored. 
It is not possible to to have ranged events that also repeat, so make sure the 'repeat' box is set to 'Does not repeat'.

-Repeat Events
If you have a meeting that repeats, there are a number of options for frequency to set this up. 
You post the details once, and the forum populates the calendar for all events in a time period you chose.
In the event creation window, select 'Ranged or recurring event'. 
In this case the start and finish dates set up the time period that the event will continue to repeat in.
In the case that you don't know how long the event will continue, or it is expected to repeat indefinitely, I would ask that you set the finish no more than one year one further on. If you set the year, say 10 years on, the event stops in the first year, and you don't visit the forum, and delete it, people will continue to see the discontinued event until someone reports back to the admin that they tried attending and it wasn't on. If no one reports back, that could be 10 years. If the event is still going strong next year, simply edit the time period for another year on.
The start date must be a date that the event occurs on, but the finish date does not, so you can move the year on one to get the event to repeat for a year, without changing the day or month.
There is a drop down menu below the 'dates' and 'timezones', and this is used to choose the frequency and type of repetition. There are a number of options, though weekly and monthly are probably the best for our usage.

-Edit event
To edit an event you need to visit the Calendar, editing this way will edit both the calendar and the top event post in the event thread.
Click the number of a date that your event occurs (NOT the event title itself), for a repeated event, it can be the date of any of the repeats. 
This will give a list of all events on that day, events that you created will have Edit, and Delete buttons. 
Clicking edit will give you control over all of the options you had when originally starting the event. 
Note that editing one of a repeat event, edits all of the repeats.
A small bug is if you have an '&' symbol in the title or description the forum will add 'amp' after when you hit edit, simply delete the extra before you finish editing.

-Delete Event
If an event you posted is cancelled, then we would ask that you follow the steps above, and edit the title, to begin 'CANCELLED'. In this way there is still a calendar note, and thread, to alert people that the event is no longer going ahead, and for repeat events, any useful posts and photos are retained.
If for whatever reason you do need to delete the event entirely, you can go to the calendar and click the number of a date that the event occurs, bringing up the list of events. This time you can use the delete button to remove the event from the calendar. For repeat events deleting one event will delete all of the repeats in the calendar. Deleting the event from the calendar does not delete the event thread in the forum and again if for whatever you need to delete this go to the thread and on the top event post click delete.

If you experience any difficulties with posting your event, please contact me via PM.

Thank you and Happy Posting

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