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Clear out parts from AD to AG's
All parts are usable, used spares unless specified. Postage & packing  at cost (up to 2kg £3.00)
"Every thing must go!"

Fan pulley eccentric shaft for coil engine complete with original square nickel(?) grease nipple £5.00
BA 239 original Bottom pulley. taper a bit scruffy £2.50.
Ditto REPRO (no casting number mark)  NEW £17.50
Planet wheel for 1/2" "D" shaped shaft with bush fitted appears new? 1.5/8" max o/d 1.1/8" smaller dia. £4.00
Matched pair timing gears (well - tied together with VERY old string!-) 30 tooth 1A486 (0 2) & 15 tooth (0  1)
Very small chip out of one tooth on large gear.  £15.00
Chummy side screen socket bracket  and pair of hood frame hinge supports (no idea how these got left over...! 
Can email photos £6.00 lot
Used but sound pair of 3.5" kingpins (diameters 0494-.497 & .204/.508) £6.00
TRE Ball pin (new) plus spring with cup & solid cup. £5.00
3x spark plugs (NAPA  581) & 2x Champion K17  £5.00 lot
Pair if bob weights with pins (brass) and 2.0 needle valve assembly for Zenith bronze 22FZ Carb  £4.00
Very early Lucas Distributor cap Marked "LUCAS Type DJ 4" and the outlets helpfully numbered 1,3.4.2 (and notched by stupid previous owner who could not read!) complete with 5 acorns, no centre carbon brush/spring. Probably a curiosity with the embossed markings rather than one to use...but it MIGHT work!  £7.50 (worth it for the acorns!)

Any questions please ask. 
Not easily offended by offers on bulk deals!
Do you have a wheel rim for a 1929 tourer and front side screens?
Will have the Dist. body off you, if I may, for the £20.00 + P&P
Will try and PM you, but not done this before, so it may all go pear shaped
sorry none of those

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