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Thread list first page old board
Attached you'll find a picture of the list of threads from the first page of the old forum.
As the old board will disappear on th 18th, we thought, this might come in handy to pick up certain threads in here, if not already done.

It'll take some time to bring the last saved version on line in the archive, because the saved version up now got all the pictures with it.
But photobucket changed its terms and conditions inbetween, so the last save will only have this annoying place holder shown in the related threads.

So we try to implement the posts from May up to August into the previous save, so that pictures are only missing in that little time frame.

.pdf   thread_list_first_page.pdf (Size: 415.04 KB / Downloads: 359)

Kind regards
The Management

[Image: manage_logo.png]

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