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A7 special wanted
I’m on the look out for my first Austin 7. I currently have a Ruby on loan through the Classic Car Loan Project, but I have to hand it over to the next custodian this weekend.
I would ideally like a special but have a modest budget of c£5000. If anyone knows of a car that might suit my budget please do get in touch.

Thanks in advance


I have sent you a message.

Hello Luke. Couldn’t you build one? It’s great fun and you’ll learn so much from fellow Austin owners and builders alike?
I’m not sure I would have the space, never mind the technical knowledge to build one myself from scratch. I’d happily get a project that needed a bit of work, but a big build might be a bit too much for me to take on right now.
Hello Luke
Many thanks for the e-mail the other day.
As mentioned I have now listed my special on Ebay.
The item number is  165440683971
Sorry, I can't do those clicky things.
Many thanks
Ah, so that is yours. It was sent to me yesterday and I have added it to my watch list on ebay... it is a very nice special indeed.
Hello Graham. Did you find a special?
I'm still in the market. I have just got back from honeymoon, so I've now started to search again.
Thanks for all the advice, I have now bought a special off ebay and looking forward to getting on the road and having fun.

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