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Charitable Trust
Those of you who have had a chance to read the latest Association minutes here (and I encourage you to do so, particularly the talks given on the Insurance Scheme and Breakdown Service) may also have noticed a suggestion brought up by Nick Beck of the Bristol Club that the Association should consider becoming a Charitable Trust (or similar) to protect it increasing assets.

The Committee (ie all the representitives of the Member Clubs) authorised further investigation into this with a view to a recommendation being brought back to the AGM in April. Clearly this is a move that would require specialised knowledge and support - probably from a Solicitor. My appeal today is to anyone reading this who might be able to offer help in any way. Obviously, I am as keen as anyone to preserve Association funds where possible and I am hoping that we might be able to find a friendly Austin 7 owner with the right skills to help us in the process.

If you are such a person, or know of anyone who you could talk to, I'd be happy to hear with a mail to

many thanks...

I'm still very keen to contact someone who could help the Association in setting up this or something similar that would suit our needs. The AGM of the Association is now only 5 weeks away and I'm yet to have any contact from someone with the right skills and knowledge. Could I repeat my plea for anyone who could offer help to get in touch by mailing as soon as possible please.. If you know of someone who might be able to help, please point this request out to them...

Many thanks in advance...


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