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Door Retainers/Supports
Hi Everyone,

I’ve just posted a ‘Wants’ advert on this site but I also need your help with a photo.

Could someone with a Ruby, Opal or Pearl please post a photo of how this part is supposed to be installed?

(Also I’m looking for a pair if these or just the rod parts as I have both triangular plates)


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I bought a new pair of the rods from Tony Betts a few years back.

The rod goes through a hole in the sill and is prevented from doing all the way through when the door opens by the rubber grommet.

The triangular part is screwed to the lower from corner of the door.
Thanks Ruairidh, I thought that was the case but both holes in my sill have bolts through them! This is why I was hoping for a photo.

I’ve emailed Tony to see what he has.
I will try and remember to take a photo for you tomorrow - the hole position is surprising critical, if it is all to work properly.
I'll second that! I think the bend must also be important... If it is in the wrong place the door doesnt close. Mine is a bit nasty and ended up with a slot in the sill. I lost one of the bars and made a replacement from a 9 inch nail. I won't offer a photo... It is functional but a bit of a bodge.
Here are the pictures from my car, the design of these is pretty rubbish, I spent a lot of time fettling these to get them to work properly, the hole in the sill had to be elongated and as Nick said the bend in the rod is crucial, get it round the wrong way and the door will not close. The rod must not bind against the hole in any way over its travel otherwise again, the door will not close properly.

The whole arrangement of the off-set alignment of the door hinges and the door restraining rod is so badly designed I do wonder what on earth they were thinking of!

Split pin holding rod to plate visible

Rod entering the sill hole

Viewed from under sill, door is closed

Another view from under sill with door in a closed position
You have reminded me to take a picture as well Gary.

I think part of the issue with the rod on your passenger door is that it is not sitting straight, it angles down quite steeply from the bracket.  If you open the hole upwards to allow the rod to enter at right angles to the upright you will almost certainly find it shuts without any issues.

This is the one on my Pearl for comparison...

Thank you everyone. Really helpfull!
And Matt... PM me if you dont find a pair of rods. I still have a big bag of nails...

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