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Colwall Hill Climb
I have been doing some basic research into a little known hill climb venue here in our village.  Some details can be seen below.  I am intrigued by the Austin Sevens, do the names of the drivers mean anything to anyone?... and of course if anyone has any further information on the hill climb then I would welcome it! The course still exists, though the middle section is more of a muddy footpath/track nowadays.

"There is also news of another new track which is to be used in the form of a "nursury" for the members of the Sunbac Club, who consider themselves potential British hill climb champions.
This track is an uphill kilometre of metalled road on the Winnings Estate, Colwall, near Malvern, and on July 10, 50 members of the Sunbac Club will compete over its tarred surface for cups and trophies.
It is considered by Sunbac officials that the track will provide an opportunity for younger drivers to learn the art of racing driving."
Coventry Evening Telegraph, Friday 2 July 1948
This experimental event, over a one-kilometre course near Malvern, attracted 40 entries.
J. L. Evans (blown Austin Seven) won his class from Cracknell's Ford-engined Austin and Oliver's un-blown Austin, the times being 70.8, 78.0 and 78.8., respectively. K. Rawlings won the next class, clocking 65.2 sec. in his 1,172-c.c. Rawlings-Special and beating Gibbs' Riley, which took 66.8 sec. and Goodall's Morgan 4/4, which needed 68.2 sec.
The final car class was won by Mansell's Allard-Special, in 62.2 sec., from May's Ford V8, 62.3 sec., and Delingpole's H.R.G., 63.4 sec. F.t.d. went to a B.S.A. motor-cycle, in 60.4 sec.
The hill has great possibilities."
Motor Sport, August 1948, Page 249
Mike, I think I can help with Oliver's Austin. Once again the archive is your friend:

Use the arrows to move between the photos, of course.

I hope this should lead you to a series of three photos. The comments are mine including a typo I have just noticed!

I was unaware of the Colwall event but the third photo is the only candidate and appears to be a trials section rather than a hill climb.


Stuart, a splendid group of trials snaps, but I am not sure that any of us have found images of the very brief period of hill climbing at Colwall.

Having just noticed that a well known competitor and a distinguished archivist are reading this, maybe I am about to be proved wrong!
Still in use in 1952 by Herefordshire Motor Club. The club still exists. Might be worth asking?
Alan Fairless
The Dellngpole mentioned Mike is the chap who went on in post war years to make the Dellow sports/trials car from mainly Ford 1172cc parts  in conjunction with a chap called Lowe. Dell and Low = Dellow. I knew his son.
The first half-dozen or so Dellows were Austin Seven chassis with Ford engines.
Huge thanks to you all for the information as above. Sadly I don't think any of the 'unknown' sites in the photos are Colwall but the hunt continues .... but the pictures of the Oliver car are fascinating...... again thank you all .......

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