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Zenith 30 VE1 butterfly spindle.
Does anyone know where I can source a replacement Zenith 30 VE1 butterfly spindle from? Or two!
If you haven't already done so, the obvious people to speak to are Burlen, but as they dont seem to list the 30VE1 on their website, it may need a phone call... if they don't have the correct spindle, is it possible that they might supply another zenith spindle with the same butterfly size for you to adapt?
Is the butterfly spindle on a 30 VE 1 any different from that on the much more common 30 VM 4, Robert? I have the latter but not the former so can't compare but from photos and diagrams they look as though they might be similar at least. If so, I can send a 30 VM 4 spindle down to you tomorrow. I can't imagine you'll have much difficulty in copying it Wink


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