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Dash board stays
Hi all. I am finally starting on the construction of my John Heath van body kit. No problems so far but a question which I can't answer.

Looking at the underside of my dash board there are two holes that would suggest that there had been a pair of support stay / distance pieces that go to the back side of the firewall / bulkhead. I'm of the thought that these utilized the petrol tank retaining bolts as I don't see any evidence of holes for these in pictures or on my old body's firewall.

Is there supposed to be stays here and if so what do they look like ?

Any help in this regard would be most appreciated.
Cheers, Stephen

No stays - the rear of the petrol tank should have two lugs that line up with those holes.

The downward facing lugs on the front of the tank should line up with two holes on the firewall. I usually use a locking nut on the one nearest the petrol tap so that other three are hard up and that one is not rattling. This prevents the lugs distorting and ultimately leaking.
Hi Steve

Ruairidh has just beaten me to it.  No stays on my RK here are a couple of pics of the brackets on a spare (leaky) tank I have.

.jpeg   ADCEB62A-90BF-438E-AEB6-DAE05F72B590.jpeg (Size: 195.54 KB / Downloads: 198)
.jpeg   3494DA9F-C0C2-4BD0-817A-F3A616155DC6.jpeg (Size: 180.94 KB / Downloads: 198)


Thank you both. As soon as Ruairidh mentioned the two lugs the light bulb went off in my head and I realized how it goes together.
Stay warm and safe ,
As an aside, is the fore-aft line on the top of the tank a seam or a crease where it sits over the baffle?
Hi Duncan

It’s a seam, the only one around the tank body. It is also the line of the baffle.


Thanks for that, it makes the development of that single panel rather wasteful of the metal...unless you're making batches.

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