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wiper arm
I just bought a used wiper motor from a fellow sevener but now I am on the quest to have an arm. I was wondering if someone could post a pic of a wiper arm for a type NO.30g king of the road motor. also as I was looking around to buy one and I saw a picture of one with a spring and a wire part. I remembered I have a pic of mine, so I looked and I might only be missing the flat metal part. this pic is my car, but the arm with the spot for the blade doesn't look homemade. I might be wrong but some pics would be appreciated

anybody? I found the installation instructions it has a drawing of the arm.

.jpg   FB_IMG_1641591730569 (1).jpg (Size: 46.41 KB / Downloads: 104)

Only saloon cars need these wiper things. The open motorist can benefit from wearing Davoran's Patent Rain Goggles. In the picture they are modelled by Eirane "Paddy" Naismith, whose varied motor sporting career does not seem to have ever included Sevens.
Will these work while snowblowing? ?

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