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Herbert's first car
Does anyone have, or know where I could source, a nice sharp image of this photo please? I realise that I could purchase this very image, but I have considerable expenses coming up for the Archive and I'm trying to be as frugal as I can..



Perhaps Jim Stringer or the VAR's Archivist?

The best I can offer is a low res scan of this illustration:

.jpg   1906 first Austin.jpg (Size: 169.63 KB / Downloads: 322)

or Robert Johnston's watercolour version used in the 1955 Golden Jubilee book:

Did they leave out the oil baffles? Presume had fixed heads so not a water leak. (With no specifically designed oil rings many Edwardian cars originally produced smoke screens.)
Not sure how sharp the original would be as it is a close-up of part of the original picture, taken from further away?

This one is a bit clearer...

Below is just the car...

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Hmmmm... I wonder where that watercolour is....

Thanks Colin and Mike. I will follow up with the VAR suggestion and will be in touch with you Colin by PM in the next couple of days..

The watercolour was sold by Bonhams in 2015 for £625.
I notice the front axle is dropped, perhaps anticipating the later sporting Austins. ;-)

Erich in Mukilteo

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