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Very early Chummy on postcard
Very early Chummy on a postcard. Currently on eBay - but a tad expensive:
Never mind - here it is cleaned up. Click the image for a higher resolution copy then click again - the detail is pretty decent.

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The registration dates the car to January/February 1924.
It’s very nice to have the comparison — the softer look of the road back in the twenties, the way it feathers into the verge, against the much harder looking tarmac and sharply defined pavement. 
I sort of like the way it used to be.

Check your WhatsApp.
(05-01-2022, 09:23 PM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: Tony,

Check your WhatsApp.

Thanks Ruairidh.
It is intriguing to see how buildings survive in the UK. brick is not a hazard and few wooden. As a visitor the token roundabouts were surprising. An insignificant blotch of faded paint makes much difference to how traffic on right has to be treated. Here near always have a raised centre and signs .
Wonderful postcard image - taken from a glass plate photograph. 

So much better than the interminable phone pictures (from which no one can ever locate the picture they must show you  Smile )

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