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grease question
Should be and easy question to answer but what grease should I put in a 29' speedometer to hold the ball bearings in place and keep it lubed up? Working on getting back to working order. Also any tips on the subject.
I use an adhesive grease for this kind of stuff. IIRC it's main use is for a marine environment, so usually comes in huge quantities. I've been using the same tin for the last 40 years or so in my workshop and the remainder  will probably see me out before the tin is empty. This looks to be a modern version in a sensible quantity:
Vancevr, what we use in our shop is called "Assembly Grease". It is blue in colour and designed to hold bits in place for assembly such as what you are trying to do. It can be usually purchased in a small plastic tub slightly smaller than a margarine tub. Pep Boys or a place like NAPA should have it.

Hope this is of some help.
Thanks I will try one of those

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