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Blown Ulster
(03-01-2022, 01:08 PM)WillOWilson Wrote:
(03-01-2022, 01:02 PM)Colin Morgan Wrote: The Grey Mag piece is in 08C on page 31.

Ah thank you so much, where can I get a copy of this article, is it available on line or do you know how I can access a physical copy?

From 2008C Page 31

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(03-01-2022, 01:29 PM)Steve kay Wrote: You've probably all caught up with the history of the car as discussed on this very forum in 2012, with much input from Andrew Wilson! The photo of the car at Shelsley does not seem to be in Austin Harris's archive, or at least my computer cannot find it. The only car numbered 9 that I can find climbing Shelsley was identified as a blown car in July 1946, driven by B Humphries. Two other numbers 9 are Dowson in '47 and Di Threlfall in '78. However who has the details of the cars that ascended the hill in Golden Jubilee Cavalcade in 1955, did they carry numbers?

Thanks Steve, do you have a link to the thread on this forum? I tried to use the search function but couldn’t find the info you mentioned. Thanks in advance.
This the link to the old Forum thread:

(There is a press cutting of B Humphrey in his car in 1947 for sale on ebay at the moment. And one of Dowson from 1946. And Jilling from 1933.)
Thanks for the link. I'd half-forgotten the discussion 10 years ago, but with father rather than son!
Does anyone have an idea of where this photo could have been taken? I know there is not much to go on in the picture but i would love to find out. So far we have no clue


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