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Looking to contact David Cochrane
Tony - I think you can consider yourself very lucky that they read your phone number and actually bothered to ring you! I always put a phone number on the DHL booking form - not sure why really, perhaps in a spirit of optimism. I once got a reply from a delivery driver after I had asked why didn't they call the recipient "it was a mobile number and that's too expensive!!".

The overseas booking company always insist on a phone number then always print it on the address label like this:
which I then cross out and insert the correct number.
Shortly hoping to change booking company...

Good luck with your getting your parcel delivered.

P.S. If you want somebody to help you with the bomb...
after a month and 4 days. and NOW 5 hours of chassing this parcel its still undelivered.

even though they have the time at the end of each day to scan it back into the holding bay.

ive chassed P2G on live chat yet again which roughly takes 45 minutes. the outcome was 14 im sorrys wich i dont need valueless apologies. and the answer ive sorted this parcel it will be out within 2 days.  this was 4 day ago. so ive tried to phone DHL middleton dirrect. wich is a fully automated ARSEH0LE system. with a result of parcel should be scanned for delivery no latter than 11.00 today???????? not holding my breath on that one.

anyone wanting to complain about MY HERMES, please dont. DHL NEXT DAY has truely replaced them.

on this subject, ive spoken to others and other companies, ALL YES ALL feel DHL is the WORST of all delivery companies at the moment.

ive booked a parcel yesterday evening with MY HERMES. on a 5 day delivery to see how long they are taking at the momment. as slower delivery companies may well be far quicker than the SO CALLED trusted companies.

the hermese parcel was COLLECTED AT 08.45 this morning. ill keep an eye on the tracking.

must admit, as a small business. its all highly stressfull. and i truely wonder if its all worth it for what we get in return.

and wonder where things go from here.
When I was in business I sent an urgent parcel to a printer in Germany, with a strict deadline and instructions to deliver it person to person....they completely missed the deadline, abandoned the parcel at the gate and the result was that it lost me over £2, compensation, no apology...needless to say I took all my business elsewhere.
I took my business elsewhere?

Anyone reading this should seriously think twice about useing DHL.

Talking to other companies, ALL have suggested DHL IS NOW THE WORST SERVICE OUT THERE.

This is my contact today with DHL on Facebook.

It isn't just delivery companies,it seems to be everything now."We are experiencing an extremely high rate of calls at the moment,please go to www blah blah or phone back later "or it's covid to blame
It staggering how many companies now hide their phone number. When people phone me it's not unusual for them to say something like, "Is that a real person - or an answering machine?"
Their reply is often, "That's unusual, how helpful."
What gets me is when you ring some companies or organisations an animated voice tells you that you are in a queue of anything up to 20 in number. Then every few seconds they tell you not to hang up as your call is important to them. If it’s so important why the hell don’t they answer.

John Mason.
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

My experience is that you must complain in writing and follow the complaints procedure to the letter.

Phone calls are a total waste of your time.

Write, follow policy and be patient.
Good morning everyone,
From recent experience, David Cochrane is definitely alive and selling parts as I ordered some bits off him last week. Also, they were delivered here within 4 days so that seemed to be working fine too.
Many thanks David for your advice and prompt attention as always. 
Best wishes, Nick

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