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Paint question
Quick question did the austin company make any chummies in green in 1929?
This is not my area of expertise by a long chalk, but page 74 of the A7 Companion suggests that dark green was a standard colour (1926-30).
The standard colours for 1929 were Royal Blue or Maroon for all models, plus Battleship Grey for tourers and Dual Brown Grey for saloons. Orders would not be accepted for coloured mudguards or wheels, but special orders for body colour other than standard could be accepted 'from time to time' at an extra charge of £5.
Can you guys tell me if there was a "birth cirtificate" type of thing that would have the original color, day of build, etc.
what is your car number or chassis number, Vancevr? There are some with full spec available, but I suspect yours could be too early.
#6 lists the following as being the only surviving factory records for the Seven:

March-June 1929 A8 series Ch. 77535 - 87433
June-Dec 1929 A9 series Ch. 87434 - 97332
April-Oct 1930 Bl series Ch. 107228 - 117126
Jan-June 1931 B3 series Ch. 127026 - 136924

If your car falls into one of these groups, you'll be able to get a certificate with all known details from British Motor Heritage (there's a fee to pay).

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