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Vintage axle 4.9, 19/12/1927
1927 vintage banjo axle. 

Hasn't come from a road going car so will need some setting up to put back into service.

The offside axle tube has a few small dents in it, a spare to tube will come with the axle.

Please see the attached pictures, will send more, it seemed that four was the max for this post.

The axle is in Cumbria.

PM an Offer.

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Hi there 
I’ve tried to send you a PM, but it says you  have private messages turned off ?
Thank you kindly Nathan, I’ll search through the settings now and try to adjust.

It might be ok now ✅
Hi Brice 
I’m sorry, I still can’t contact you via PM,I still get the message to say you’ve PM’s disabled. 
 would you mind trying to PM me and see if it works that way ?
Thank you 
PM sent, also I believe I’ve found the CP options and have enabled private messages now.
Hi Nathan,

PM is working now, and have had further interest in the axle, please send me a msg as soon as can.

Kind regards,

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