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Lots of transmission noise
Hi all

After having several runs in the Austin, the transmission noise seems a little excessive to me, however I have not been able to compare it to another seven as of yet, I intend to try to isolate the noise, but am not sure how at the moment, are there common faults leading to noisy transmissions ? it seems to be the gearbox is noisy to me, I don,t have any carpets down a the moment, however I feel the noise is excessive 

Any tips tricks checks  from you all would be appreciated

Usually transmission noise, in the form of whining or howling emanates from the back axle, even though it might sound like it's coming from the gearbox. 4 speed synchro gearboxes can sometimes whine in the intermediate gears but, unless the bearings are damaged, usually by corrosion, the gearbox will be silent in top. Back axles tend to pick up noise in top and are usually vocal between 35 - 45 mph.

3 speed boxes are a completely different kettle of fish......

Worth checking for oil in both but don't overfill, otherwise you'll get soggy brakes and/or clutch!
Get a pal to give you a lift in his series 2 Landy, after which your Seven will sound almost silent.
First of all, I would drain and refill both the gearbox and the rear axle. Gearbox oil inspection might give an indication of something wrong if there are metallic particles. Same goes for the back end.

Gearbox 1/2 pint of engine oil (SAE 30 or 20W50)
Axle 1/2 pint of SAE 140

Don't overfill either of them.
The noise level is considerable, esp on the RP with the gearbox uncovered and inside.. But cars of the 50s and 60s are also surprisingly noisy with carpet and floor panels removed. A myriad noise transmission paths in the Seven with no isolating rubber bushes.
And Steve I drove employer Landrovers extensively in the 1960s when running my Seven every day. Regarded them as quite refined. (Unlike cars of the time did not lurch on corners so were driven like sports cars!). The sure cure for anyone complaining about Sevens is the 10hp Fordson utilities. The ultra high revving engine lived in the cab.
Thanks all for the advice, I will check out the rear axle oil

Parazine; what you described is a true reflection of what is going on, quiet gearbox in top and increase in noise from the back axle in top

Seems like there are no major issues relating to the noise, perhaps driving a modern car accentuates the feeling it is over noisy, my 1939 rover 10 was noisy also but not to this degree

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