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Stater Motor Pinion Clip
My Ulster has the usual 1930 type cockpit mounted Lucas Starter Motor. Three times this year it's managed to break both the ears off the pinion retaining clip. It's done it to an original clip and two modern repro clips. I fit a new clip and it's OK for a short while and then the familiar noise of the pinion wandering up and down and catching the flywheel returns indicating that the clip's failed again. My Chummy and SWB Saloon have the identical set up and don't do this. Any ideas?  

hi steve,

seams strange that it doing that on both new and old.

it kind of shows the fault is not the clip its self.

i guess the thing to do is swap the starter and housing, and see if it continues.

Good point, Tony. I'll swap it with the Chummy set up and see what happens. The Ulster's got four hill climb events in September. Should give it a good test.

Hello Steve,
     when I have fitted new springs I set them up between the teeth at rest and not on the tip. Also I have found they are stronger than the original ones, so I bend the ears back in situ until the pinion spins out freely and is still held by the spring on return.
  Hope this is of help.
hi robert,

ive done simular.

i find new, im happy with the quality. but when i fit theres more tension on the gear than i feel is needed.

so i bend them out a little. hard to know exactly how much is enough though. but ive not had a problem after fitting.

Whilst on the topic, I dunno about the inside starters but with the undebonnet ones thie clip can give rise to very baffling noises. If too loose the pinion wiggles loose usually on a gradient and touches the ring gear. it is propelled so violently out of mesh it rebounds. This repeats until it chances to be rejected with just enough force to be retained again. The curious occasional bout of ting ting sound can be very diffiult to diagnose.
Thanks Tony and Robert. I agree that the repro clips can be a bit tight and I usually bend the ears out a fraction. I think I'll swap the starters from the Ulster and the Chummy over and see what happens as a first move.

Thanks again.


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