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3 A7s for sale
I am now ready to sell my three Austin Sevens. Two 1930 specials (one is the white car on the front page) and a 1933 saloon.
I have no idea what they are worth so I am open to offers. All three cars require work to make them driveable, one of the specials has been off the road for 22 years and needs fully rebuilding, not the white one!. The other two cars need a day or so spent sorting out the brakes (all cars have hydraulic brakes) and getting them running again. Me and the cars live in Cornwall.

Email: for more information and pictures. Lee
Hi Lee

Just a word of caution if you are really not sure of the value of your 3 sevens, there are one or two dubious dealers out there, so be careful not to be taken for a ride (no pun intended!).
I think I remember when you were building your Special (1970's?), with a nice polished wooden boat tail? And I assume the other 2 Sevens are the ex Ken and Lorna Blewett cars?

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