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Dynamo rewinding
Somewhere on U tube I came across aclip of artisans in India rebuilding trauck starters. All with a minimum of equipment. great entertainment. (Similar on rebuilding batteries, repairing truck tyres etc.)
That would be this Bob,
Somewhere on U tube I came across a clip of artisans in India rebuilding truck starters. All with a minimum of equipment. Great entertainment. (Similar on rebuilding batteries, repairing truck tyres etc. No hint of H and S.
Brilliant video
I have visited steel tube mills in India and whilst their H&S goes quite literally from 'Western standards' to completely non-existent, their skills driven by a need to fix things are outstanding.
It must also be said that some of their fixes are somewhat questionable. We had an overheating problem with a cooling system on a tube welder power supply. When I visited I found that the water system had failed and someone had rigged a hand pump system into the river running past with some poor sod required to wind in 50 degree heat. Weeds (and worse) did nothing for a fluted copper anode carrying about 180kW.
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
Ib] Recall on the 1993 London to Sydney Marathon one of the big Holden broke a half shaft, but there was just enough spline left to just  engage if the shaft were lengthened  by about 1.5inches. A workshop spent hours turning and hammering the shaft by hand to slim it and lengthen it. It was enough to get them going until a spare was found! [/b]
We had the brokenexhaust manifold welded up our Twin Cam Cortina (not a simple shape) by taking it to our taxi driver's "cousin" who had a workshop and he did it outside in the street using the straight edge of a drain cover as a guide! No goggles, no gloves.It fitted fine & was still on the car to the end of the rally....and an Alpine Rally and a Panama to Alaska! Boreham would have been proud!I
i recall having a puncture fixed in a village in Tanzania and while it was being done I was engrossed in watching a guy repairing a truck radiator using a proper soldering iron heated by a charcoal burner with the blow being provided by a small boy working a bellows. He had a vast pile of things to repair from oil lamps to pans, it's truly amazing what can be repaired with just basic tools.

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