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Bronze water take-off from HC head.
In a box of parts I have just purchased there is a water outlet from a high compression head made from bronze. Would this be from the marine version of the A7 engine, or is it an after market part? Here in New Zealand it is not uncommon to find tools etc copied in bronze because the imported versions were so (relatively) expensive and workers were not well paid. 
If it was a marine part would that mean that the water take-off on the block was also made of bronze?
They are very common here in NZ Ritchie, almost certainly locally made
Black Art Enthusiast
Given that bronze is noticeably harder than the usual aluminium I would suppose that they are of benefit to tuned engines. I always feel that the ali front water casting, made from some unspecified alloy more akin to milk bottle tops than the LM25 of the head, is the weak link when torquing down carefully.
I've never seen one in the UK.

As Ian Williams states bronze components are quite common here I have at least two of both types.
There are also side water outlets and steering boxes and steering box side covers in some numbers.. I found an unused one at the last Canterbury swap meet.
Marcus Ling has a steering box he got from me also.
They don't appear to have part numbers or manufacturers I D on them anywhere.
I would be Grateful if someone could identify who made and sold them.
I am considering making a number of new ones for both head types
Cheers Steve Hainsworth- Wellington New Zealand
Bronze top water branches were used on the unblown Ulster cylinder head and also for marine work. 
  I have seen at least three on original unadulterated Ulster engines and have one in the workshop. 
  Will check to see if it has any numbers on it.
The ones that exist in NZ appear to come from a variety of sources, some better quality than others, none that I have seen have casting numbers on them. I was aware that Bronze castings were used on Ulsters and when I first arrived in NZ and found one I got quite excited briefly, I have now seen and had so many to realise most here are highly unlikely to be Austin made.

BTW we also commonly have bronze side water manifolds, and bronze camshaft fan pulleys in both wide and narrow versions.
Black Art Enthusiast
One has certainly found it's way to my garage in south Bucks, where from I don't know. 
Merry Christmas
I have one on my A7. Bought from Kirby Wiske in the 1970’s.

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