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Login problems
Unable to log in with my iPad running OS 14.4.1. shows "authorisation code mismatch error".
I am able to log in and out normally on my Chromebook laptop .
Both routes show the MyBB logo.
As Dave Wheatley explained HERE it is easy to get rid of the MyBB banner if you have Adblock.
And, Ian I have no issues with Ipad & 14.4 (not "14.4.1" though...)
Logging in with my iPhone is impossible, no matter which browser I choose.

Safari does not work on a Mac Pro or an iMac.

Firefox or Chrome both work fine on the Mac Pro and iMac.
Andrew Fallon
Desktop: Windows XP and Firefox. Ipad: Android and Safari. Both display the MyBB logo but otherwise it appears no problems.
I still haven't logged out for over two years and all works as before with Windows 7 on the 'desktop' and Windows 10 on the Lenovo laptop both using the new Microsoft Edge.

I just tried accessing the Forum with 'Chrome' and 'Firefox' browsers on the Windows 7 desktop computer - I am still showing logged in on both but now get the 'My BB' header  instead of the Friends Forum ?  Huh  

Never used the phone - too small for my eyesight  Blush
Dell desktop computer with Windows 7.
Can't log in using Internet Explorer.
Access OK on Chrome or Firefox but both show the 'MyBB' logo prominently at top left of screen.
Access OK on Android mobile but still shows the big logo.
I seem to be logged in with my devices, iPad, iPhone and Mac. They all appear to function but there is the MyBB at the top of the page on all devices. I have shut down and restarted all devices.
Might it help if I delete and reinstate my profile? It's about all I can do, turn off and back on...
Hooray! The Austin Seven Forum banner is back! (At least on the iPad.)
You're the lucky one David.
No logo on anything, no login on Ipad and no working quote feature.

I’m still with “My BB” on the desktop though. Most confusing!

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