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Login problems
The Austin logos are back for me too. (Windows/Firefox).
It's interesting to see the variability and success/failure rates of people's efforts to overcome the difficulties of logging in - see today's post by Nick Turley.  I can access the Forum via Google Chrome (NOT my default browser) and have not needed to 'log in' since as it never seems to 'log out'. Previously (i.e. before theMyBB saga started) my logging in via Safari (14.0.3 - which IS my default browser) using MacOS (10.14.6) was always a bit laboured, and which logged me out automatically after just a few minutes unless kept alive by constant use.  Strange things these computer gadgets, a bit like modern cars under the bonnet... 
KBO as Churchill allegedly was wont to saying.
(True satisfaction is the delayed fulfilment of ancient wish)
I have logged in from my wife's Macbook Pro OS10.14.3 using Chrome in order to report that

a) I still can't log in using Safari on MacOS.
b) I haven't been able to log on using Safari on iPhone for weeks.
Dear forum users,

we figured, that the problems are caused from some faulty code in the forum software, which was or was not updated through the several updates over the time.
As we are users of the software and not coders (although we have a little knowledge of php programming), we couldn't find the "missing string" and, as problems are rising quick, we will skip searching for it.
We will do a new set up of the actual forum software and import all the data of this board. This solves / should solve allyour login problems with mac OS / apple related devices, at least it did after a test run on a different server.

To do this, we need to close down the board for an hour or so, to make sure, no changes are made after the database backup.
We will set up the new forum within the same url structure, so you should be able to access it after relaunch as usual.

We will announce the closure of the forum through the ticker announcement on the forum page, it might be even today in the evening.

Sorry again for all the inconvenience for apple users and thanks for reporting your login problems on this thread.

Hopefully, everything works out well after this relaunch, but as you know from your computers:
There's always a chance, that they do things, they want to do, not, what you want them to do...

Kind regards
The Management

[Image: manage_logo.png]
Thanks for tackling it and resolving the issue. 

Dear forum users,

we somehow managed to copy the login issue with the data to the new setup  Cry
We have no idea yet, what's different to our test setup, but we will figure it the next days.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards
The Management

[Image: manage_logo.png]
I had noticed this trying to log in with my other identity. Thanks for persevering with the troubleshooting and the solutions you have come up with so far...
All now appears to be working as it should on my desktop computer. Thanks team!
What's happened to the photo gallery?
And the avatars?

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