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Login problems
Logs in fine at my end but I do get the MyBB logo.

Windows 10 (Version 2004)

Mozilla 86.0.1 (64-Bit)
Also tried on Google Chrome 89.0.4389.90 (64-Bit) without issue Smile

I've noticed through the period of the login thing (mine fine on apple with exception of the top logos going) that the quotes system no longer works.. perhaps the last 10 days or so. Is this something linked??
Same here. Quote button not working.
The Forum technology seems to be gradually failing in multiple ways
What do you suggest Charles?
Don't know Hugh. 
I appreciate we rely on volunteer resource but my concern is that we may well see other faults appear without attention. Like many I use others forums and none have the same degradation

I think any error is a result of the underlying software, over which 'Mangement' has no control. 'Undocumented features'always occur as a result of system upgrades where the new version of the software encounters configurations that have not been tested by the developers. This is not a result of Mangement 'allowing' errors to creep in, those who care for our forum just have to work through the problems trying to find the cause. Hence accurate symptoms recorded in this thread for Management to work on are key. And I can assure you, MyBB is not alone in that, I use another forum powered by Tapatalk and that experiences the same sorts of problems.

Bottom line is the forum is still working well enough. The lack of a logo is not crucial as is the failure of the quote button to operate. If you need to quote text, just highlight it, copy and paste into any reply. The major one, from a personale perspective, is the login/logout problem. As probably one of the few people who have dual identities on the system (me and as Archivist) I am unable to post as Archivist at the moment. But it's not the end of the world. As I appealed before, there are people who use this board who clearly have good technical skills that would be great if they could offer their help (if they have not done so already...)
If it is any help in trying to trace what has gone wrong with the site:-

On my tablet (Android/ Safari) the correct Austin Seven Friends logo appears on the banner, but the Quote button doesn't work. On my Desktop computer (Windows XP/ Firefox) the 'My BB' logo shows on the banner, but the Quote button works.
Can a short video clip be added to a reply? It is an MP4 file (122730kb)
I don't do U tube!
David Harrison
Austin logo back this morning on my PC (Windows XP), Phone (Android) and Tablet (Android, Chrome). Quote button also working although you now have to use a link under the text box asking if you want to use the quote you've selected.


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