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Ruby picture
    Daisy fed up with waiting to get mobile

Sorry should only be the one with the Dog.
Just found out how to post pictures although not yet proficient

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What has the dog been doing to the dash?
Just carrying out part of the re-wire
Does the facial expression mean “what, me eat the wiring diagram? No, it was another dog at the end of the drive rushed up and stole it, honest.”
Years ago i had a very good old car pal who had retired to Thirsk after running a garage and filling station in a very rough area of Tyneside.  He had a rather fierce German Shepherd  called Sheba which used to be tethered on the forecourt to deter unwanted visitors to the garage.
On retirement Sheba came with Stan and Betty and one of the first trips was to Thirsk in Stan's Hillman Avenger.  The car was parked in the Millgate car park whilst Stan and Betty did some shopping.   Unfortunately whilst parked someone slipped a leaflet under the windscreen wiper which must have activated 'kill' mode in Sheba.   When Stan and Betty returned to the car Sheba was sat in the car surrounded by pieces of foam and plastic.  She had totally destroyed the interior to the extent that the front seats were little more than steel tubing.  The dashboard took the brunt of Sheba's wrath and was a complete disaster.   Undeterred, Stan managed to drive home sat on the seat frame and next day went to a scrap yard in York to buy a complete Avenger interior.

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