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austin 7 rn reg number GY2791
I posted an enquiry about this car, which we owned over 50 years ago, 3 years or so ago & could find no recent evidence of its present whereabouts.
Just recently, another old friend (a vincent rapide of 1952 vintage) turned up on the web in new ownership & I was able to establish contact again.
So I thought I might post again on this forum, just in case GY2791 has turned up again somehwere.
It was a 1932 RN, Blue body, black wings when last heard of.
Thanks for bearing with me, it's a vain hope, but I thought the rapide was, too!
And I really enjoyed a trip to Bryngarw a couple of years ago, to see the A7s congregating.
My email is & I am at CV130HP, west Leicestershire. Tel 01455290714 or 07591928236
Sadly nothing much more to report. The DVLA database shows that it was last taxed on October 31st 1992 and the last V5C was issued in April 2001 - presumably either change of address or owner. The A7CA Chassis Register describes it as an old entry not updated for a long time with the last owner being a member of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club (PWA7C).

As possibly mentioned previously, since 2001 it could have been sold abroad and therefore be carrying a new registration or it could be stored in someones garage awaiting restoration. Given a new V5C was issued in 2001, it would seem unlikely that it's been scrapped. 

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