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Aluminium brake shoe manufacturer
I have been asked by a pal I have who dabbles in another Marque, who might have made ali brake shoes for Austin? My thinking is that the likely possibilities are Austin themselves, in the in house foundry, or perhaps 'Birmal' who provided crankcases. Any other opinions - factual or guesswork?

Jamie makes them now Hugh and very good they are, just got some.
The ones from jamie look excellent.

John barlow done some many years ago, but they may have just been unmachined castings.


It will depend on when you friend used to make them.

They could have even been remax?

Sorry, I didn't make myself clear, perhaps. This was a question of "Who made them for Austin back in the day". My pal is looking from an MG perspective and wonders whether they were made by Alford and Alder, who supplied many motor manufacturers at that time. He thinks A&A made them for MG (Morris) and wonders whether Austin used the same source of supply...
Just a brief update on this rivetting topic, a fellow forumist has forwarded me a photo of a 1.25" shoe that clearly shows the 'Birmal' logo cast into it..
Pun intended, Hugh?

I would have gone with Birmal too.

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