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Wild West
Yes, lovely photo. Intrigued to know what the rad. cap embellishment is. The n/s bonnet catch is undone and the n/s front wing has taken a knock pushing it inwards.
I would say the headwear is more Fedora than Cowboy. The top dimple in a Cowboy points downwards at the front, this doesn't.

Chris Garner.
Type R Registrar.
Lovely lovely Photograph thank you for putting it on the Forum.
If located in America in the late 20's or 30's prohibition was in force so it's possibly a bootleggers buggy.

Chris, the rad cap embellishment looks, to me, like temperature gauge ??
its a scarce veriation of meter on the rad cap as well.

Assuming UK, the registration was issued by West Suffolk probably in 1928 as CF 8866 was the first registration issued in January 1929.

To be honest, I think the radiator cap is an early open back AA badge somehow attached to the filler neck.

.png   Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 16.12.06.png (Size: 78.06 KB / Downloads: 174)

.png   Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 16.17.54.png (Size: 425.25 KB / Downloads: 173)
If the guy was less sombre could use a caption I have used in local Jowett magazine.."She said, "Either the car goes or I do""

CF 8089 was issued Jan '28, so with CF 8866 being issued in Jan '29 this would average out at around 65 vehicles per month. The model changed in September '28 to nickel rad, forward headlight, etc. so it was probably registered around Spring '28.

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