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Can't find a past thread / post
Hi all.
About a week or so ago there was a post about a rod balancing device that a fellow made that allowed you to compare the weight of one rod against another using the weight on the jig that was suspended by soft tension springs.

I've searched the forum and can't find it. Was the thread removed?
Hi Steve

Do a search for “Geoff Halstead”. The second and third results are what you want.  Sorry not sure how to post the links directly.


Hello Steve.
This is the link to my ballancing device. Hope it works as it has not come up blue as I type.

Thats a relief, it changed colour as soon as I pressed Post Reply. All very confusing these computer thingies!
Thank you Howard that was it.

Cliff,   I am intrigued by your device and can see that it should work once one finds the right combination of sensitive tension springs. Have you put it to the test yet?

I am toying with making one myself as I have not been having consistent weight figures coming from two different electronic scales using the recommended methods for big end, little end and over all weight.

Thank you,
Hello Steve.
Yes I have used it several times. It is very easy to use, and gives very accurate results.
I was a bit axious about showing it on this forum, as it looks so amaturish, but twenty five years ago I had already started on the rods of the engine I was preparing when I saw a similar device, so knocked this one up in a great hurry, meaning to make a better one later, but it worked so well I didn't bother.
I was lucky with springs, as in a previous life I was a service engineer, and our machines used lots of diferent springs. I have wondered if rubber bands would do the job, or would they not be consistent enough?
Any way I found it a lot easier than faffing around with scales, so good luck with you efforts.
thank you for the background on your device. I think the secret in the accuracy depends on the sensitivity of the springs. I'm presently trying to find some that are suitable.

For me as long as I can get consistent results that allow me to get the rods all to weigh the same then I will be well pleased.

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