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Vintage cars on 2 post lifts
Having a couple of questions asked about the scissor lift and being able to use it on larger vehicles I had another look at mine today. I think if you bolted a 3" angle to the outside of the H it would be possible to use it with larger cars with the out reach arms and still fit a 7 sitting on the H.
Not at the same time,of course.
Yes that would make the track wider, do you mean the 900mm wide lift, i am sure the way you have fitted wider channels is the best option the 4mm modification sounds sensible, and i am sure i could devise a way of fixing with a fairly easy way to remove or fit as required on the standard lift , it all depends on the forces that are present when it has the 7 on, is it possible to have a photo of the underside fixing that you have done, it will enable me to visualize better the best option, thank you
Hope this is clear enough Peter,In hindslght I would have used larger section angle and thicker channel instead of extra box section on the outside. Each channel is bolted on with 8 M8 bolts plus the ones bolting the angle to the H section. I purchased the 1050 wide ramp as the Ulster only has 2 1/2" ground clearance to the front brake cross shaft and the ramp is 5" high I think.

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Thank you for all that help I will post how I got on, may help some others, it has been a great help to me.

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