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Vintage cars on 2 post lifts
They often seem to be sold as a pair but principally for single seaters, that's why I was curious if anyone had ever used them to lift a road car up.

HI Steven,
As you have the large Garage with a high roof my preference is a Four poster
some reasons for 
car stable on all four wheels 
clear area under when hoist is lifted
room under for gearbox hoist 
draining oils and water
adjusting brakes 
Room for one or two Jacking Beams

Maybe i am Biased
I have a Laycock Coronation  1955 model one of the first four poster hoist imported to nz purchased 6 years ago completely rebuilt 
New Parts still availably of the shelf in Northhampton and at a good price

Make Life easy
My apologies Marcus, the ones in your pictures are obviously quite different from the one I have.
No problem, the ones in the photo would probably not work too well if you tried to lift up only one side as they don't have any wheels, unlike a trolley jack, and once the car starts to come up there might be tendency for them to tip as they cant easily move on the floor.

Do you have a photo of the one you have?

I do, let me find it and come back to you.


Thanks Ruairidh,

Yes very similar concept but has wheels to move whilst lifting and designed to lift on a wheel. I've seen a similar lift which fits under the sill to lift only one side.
I have the sill attachment with this too.
Probably not an option for the original poster in NZ but I have a manual 4 post lift made by Hamer in the UK. It works very well with easy adjustment of the width between ramps. No power required, apart from manpower to work the jacks.
Suffolk, UK

1925 Chummy
1934 Box
Ive got a no post lift

[Image: 008_1876.jpg]

Its brilliant, except when the wind gets up a bit

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